7 Ways To Turn Routine Sex Into Incredible Sex

  • December 15, 2018

Unfortunately, with time the excitement of the sexual relationship has a tendency to fade. Many people think that this is something that is absolutely unavoidable. For example those people who will never read this article.

1. What detective story has no chase? In reality everything is simple – you are not a target of the hunt for her any more, but a trophy. No matter how much attention you are going to pay to her or how many lacy panties you are going to give her, you will only cause pity and not passion. Sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to exchange care and concern for a slight coldness. Of course kicking the door in with your foot and yelling: “Where the heck is my dinner” is not a good idea, instead make her doubt you a little bit. For example, stay late at work a couple of times. A woman will feel the stability flowing away from under her control and it is a sure way to flare up her desire. If you play your cards right she will react to your coldness with double portion of passion and tenderness.

2. Touching relationship. The meticulous scientists have discovered that people are capable of getting strongly attached to each other. As if it was such a big secret before the scientists discovered it. However the professors assert that this is not due to the delicate emotional structure, but rather due to the hormone oxytocin – it is thanks to this hormone that we gladly accept the touch of the people we love. Provide regular overdoses – touch, caress, kiss, but let it be not connected to sex in any way (although you can rightfully call us cruel here). Just make it a rule to touch your partner every time when it is physically possible. And if she asks why all of a sudden you are acting like this, just tell her you are making sure she hasn’t run away. A light touch of the hand, a hug, and a relaxing massage – all of these will make her captivated, strongly addicted to a completely harmless drug – your touch.

3. Our life is a game. The same scientists have also discovered another hormone – dopamine, which is responsible for our sexual idyll. Consequently, the higher the level of this mysterious hormone, the more sexy your idyll is. One of the best ways to get charged up on dopamine is the feeling of excitement. Take her to horse racing, go gambling, try to get her interested in football. In the worst case scenario, you can easily organize the competition at home and wrestle on the carpet, and finally settle the question of who is wearing the pants in the relationship. In other words, do not let your girl relax, fill her life with the spirit of fight and competition. And she, easily deceived, will not fail to pour out her emotions that night.

4. She leads. Can you believe it that the female rats from University of Michigan have demonstrated a much higher level of dopamine in their blood when the initiative in sex belonged to them, and not to the male rats? To be honest we did not peep at the female rats of the University of Michigan, if it was up to us we would much rather detect the dopamine’s level of human females of the University. But scientists, who continue to please us with their unpretentious conclusions, say that people have not gone far off from rats. Therefore give the girl an opportunity to display initiative and the quality of your sex will increase by several times. And if it doesn’t – present all your claims to the female rats of the University of Michigan.

5. New positions. Experiments in bed are not only an opportunity to experience new sensations, but also a great way to keep your relationship colorful. Handcuffs, whips, and home videos – use anything, the point is not to limit yourself to your bedroom and the two classical positions you’ve known since high school. However our scientists remind us that any experiment should end with a conclusion, and if you did not enjoy experimenting that much on the balcony in the winter under reassuring shouts of people walking by then maybe you should not do it again.

6. Time machine. Several months of regular sex are quite enough to thoroughly learn each other’s bodies. Such knowledge naturally shortens the time of foreplay. Do remember though that at a certain point you will become two monotonically copulating rabbits. We personally do not see anything bad with rabbits, but such approach will definitely not have the best effect on the keenness of sexual sensations. Devote a couple of hours to just caresses. Delay sex until you have no more strength to endure the torture.

7. Pause. The romance of teenage relationships when you insanely want her and are too scared to touch her is what apparently drives any girl crazy. Scientists advise to start off with a three day break in sex. Of course it’s easy for them to say, they could probably be absolutely ok even with a three year break, and here we are talking about a shock therapy for any regular guy. And this is not even it. After that the scientists recommend having a night of teenage heaven – “parents are out of town?, so make out, hug, but do not dare take your cloth off. After another day you can both touch each other’s various private parts. Next day train your lips and tongue. And finally, after a couple of more days of abstinence, you can jump on each other and tear each other apart.

These are the 7 simple rules that are guaranteed to bring a spark back into your relationship. try a few of these and you will love your sex life again or why not try all of them and have the kind of sex that you could not even imagine was possible.