Foods To Increase Sperm Count And Increase Male Fertility Sperm Count

  • November 15, 2019

There are many effective means on how to increase sperm count, and they are not as difficult as one might think. Eating well-balanced meals will generally help. A diet that’s low in fat, high in protein, vegetables and whole grains is good for the health and for your sperm. Have sex on regular bases at least every other day. According to studies, daily sexual activity decreases the amount of DNA damage in sperm.

If you are not sure, have the doctor check for sperm count and motility. If an unhealthy sperm fertilizes an egg it can lead to miscarriage. If it is low, there are some simple things a man can do at home in order to improve the overall health of his sperm and to increase sperm count.

How to Increase Low Sperm Count Naturally: –

? Diet: – Foods rich in zinc and folic acid like sardines, broccoli and avocado are recommended to help increase fertility as they both improve sperm general health, whilst any foods rich in Vitamin A, C and E will help to repair damage done to the DNA of your sperm. Green tea is thought to boost energy levels and Ginkgo has been show to increase circulation to blood capillaries which will help to improve sexual energy and performance.
? Reduce Stress: – One is to try and reduce the amount of stress within your life. Stress can have a negative effect on sperm count. Many men who find they feeling stress over a work project, a family situation or even something out of their hands, such as a world event, will experience a low sperm count. It?s important when you want to start a family or add to your existing family to try and relax.
? Stop smoking: – Cigarettes and other tobacco products have an adverse effect on both sperm count and sperm motility. So cutting down on smoking is a necessity if you wish to boost your sperm count. Some research suggests smoking lowers the sex drive, and that diminished blood circulation to the penis caused by smoking can cause impotence.
? Vitamins that improve sperm production: – Vitamin C: – Vitamin C is an antioxidant that improves sperm quality and keeps it from clumping together (thus improving sperm motility too). Vitamin C also protects the DNA within sperm from damage.
Vitamin E: – Vitamin E has a beneficial antioxidant activity that is known to increase fertility in both men and women. It helps to increase sperm production.
? Exercise: – Moderate exercise can also be a good natural fertility treatment. When combined with a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise can help you to maintain a healthy body weight. Excess body fat can increase the amount of estrogen in your body, throwing the female fertility cycle out of balance. Exercise helps to burn off this excess body fat, allowing hormone levels to return to normal. It is best not to overdo exercise though – over exercising can actually impair fertility.
? Bicycling: – Bicycling has been linked to impotence in men and also may affect the sperm count. Pressure from the bike seat may damage blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for erections. Mountain biking, which involves riding on off-road terrain, exposes the perineum (the region between the scrotum and the anus) to more extreme shocks and vibrations and increases the risk for injuries to the scrotum.


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